September 4, 2008

Etno Selo - Sirogonjo

Sirogojno is one of the etno-villages in Serbia. It's situated about 30 km from the town of Užice and 24 km from Zlatibor Mountain and lies on the altitude of 900m. It's organized as an open air museum, realised by the plan of architect Ranko Findrik and the Republic Institute for Protection of Cultural Monuments in 1980. The initial idea of the project of Sirogojno was to preserve the knowledge of domestic works.
In the course of time, the monumental complex of the St. Apostles Peter and Paul`s church from the 18th century and the open-air museum were placed under legal protection as a cultural asset.

The dinara cottages

The house style belongs to the Dinara region log cottage type. Its base is rectangular and its foundation built of stone. The walls are made of logs and with beams horizontally placed one over the other. The corners are with characteristic cross-shaped joints called "ćert". The roof is four-sided, steep and high, covered with straw, boards–shingle or stone. The opening in the sides of the roof (badža) allow channeling of smoke from the house. In the middle of the roof there is a typical chimney, the "kapić", cone-shaped with carved spindle at the top. Usually houses have two doors placed one opposite the other, the main door always facing east. Houses are divided into two rooms - `the kitchen` and `the main-room` . `The kitchen` is without attic and windows, with earthen floor.

The central place in the `kitchen` is the fireplace (a rectangular or circular surface covered with two stone stone pillars, called prijeklada, about 35 – 40cm high, built in at the edges of one of the shorter sides of the fireplace. The fireplace was used for food preparation and it was a gathering place for all the members of large family. The fireplace is also the ritual place of the house, where the most important family rites and ceremonies related to significant national holidays took place.
Today there a a few Ethno-Villages with possibility to visit, accomodation and food all around Serbia.

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  1. Ovo izgleda super. Gotivna su mi Etno Sela, prava stvar za odmor. Prosle godine sam posetio Etno Selo Lepenica i bas sam se odmorio ko covek...