October 14, 2008

Red Star Apartments in Belgrade

The Serbian capital of Belgrade is currently experiencing a tremendous construction boom that is transforming it into an attractive, modern metropolis in south-eastern Europe.
A growing number of real estate investors are discovering Belgrade as an attractive boom market in the Balkans. Construction is taking place virtually throughout the city: from blocks of flats, prefab renovation and new apartments to sports facilities, shopping centres, business parks, logistics centres and entire new factories. Even a modern marina and an aqua park are under construction to compensate for the fact that Montenegro's independence means that Serbia no longer has access to the Adriatic, and thus no longer has a coastline.
The latest trends: there is still particularly heavy demand for new shopping and office facilities. Now that affordable mortgages have become available, residential construction and the business of renovating old prefabricated buildings are booming. At the same time, prices everywhere are exploding. And the trend is still rising.

Belgrade's city administration regards the ongoing, vigorous construction boom as an indication that the Serbian capital has managed to overcome the isolation and stagnation of the past and initiate a process of urban development and renovation.

Here a Project that I personally like a lot: The Red Star Apartments

Red Star Appartments Residential complex is an already approved project, that is planned to be started in 2008/2009. It's situated near delta City Shopping Mall from the same investor (Delta Invest Group) and the famous "Crvena Zvezda" - Marakana Stadion in the Novi Beograd Area.
Arranged in one 8-floor cascading building and one 18-floor tower, the investor wanted great layouts and an abundance of daylight, so as to maximize healthy living conditions.

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