December 12, 2007

communist hotels

If you're looking for unusual great architecture, you don't see in Western Europe, then you get your satisfaction here in Tara National Park. In the middle of mountain and trees, there are some big hotels of the communist aera. You won't see them until you're practically there, so nicely they are embedded in the surroundings or with shape that reminds big pine trees! I went in and asked if I can take a couple of pictures, because even more interesting than the outside is the seventish decor of interior, that thanks to lack of money has almost stayed untouched. You still can feel the atmosphere of the past, when firm directors and trustfull employees spent their holidays here. Because of the size of the hotels (guess 200-300 rooms) inside they are organized like little cities: with movie theatre, playground, disco, swimmingpool, several bars, restaurants and stores. As I walk through the rooms I find some stylish things that I want to add in my sketchbook.

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