January 12, 2009

Alexander Nevsky Church in Belgrade

In the occasion of a wedding I had the oportunity to visit the Alexander Nevsky Church in Belgrade. Situated in one of the old districts of the city, it's an academic style church designed by a woman architect.

This old church in Dorćol was built in 1877 and was dedicated to St. Alexander Nevsky. It has served its purpose until 1891 when a decision was made to build a larger church. The project was designed by the architect Jelisaveta Načić (she was the first woman that graduated at the architecture faculty in Serbia and was also the first town architect in Belgrade), and the foundations were consacrated in 1912.
Because of WW I the construction of the church were interrupted, so it was not completed until 1928-1929, while the marble iconostasis (originally designed for the church at Oplenac) was a gift of King Aleksandar Karađorđević in 1930.

The icons were painted in the same year at the artistic workshop of the Russian painter Boris Selyanko. In the choirs of the church, there are some monuments dedicated to the soldiers killed in the liberation wars (1876-1918) as well as the ones dedicated to the Russian czar Nicholas II and King Aleksandar I Karađorđević. Present wall compositions were painted in the secco technique by Jeromonah Naum Andrić in 1970-1972.

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  1. Прелепа Црква у срцу Београда.
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