July 8, 2009

PTT Museum by Momir Korunovic in Belgrade

There are some buildings in Belgrade that fascinate with their eye-catching shapes, colors, and decorations. One of this, is a building right next to the former main telephone exchange building (my post here), it's the PTT museum by Momir Korunovic (1883-1969) from 1929.

On this building you can find elements of expressionism, european romanticism, viennese secessionism and elements from the serbian middle-age architecture, this combination is also known as Serbian national style architecture.

Serbian-national style in architecture
(here a link in serbian)

Style carachteristics are elements of the serbian-byzantine style that were created first for church architecture. The church architecture was always a symbol also for national identity. With the serbian-national style this byzantine elements found its place also in profane architecture.

Momir Korunovic used this style for several wellknown buildings (Sokolski Dom, Post Building near the Main Station) and this one, when built was one of the biggest buildings at its time in Serbia. The facade shows a rich decoration with middle-age signs and a lot of masonic symbols. There are also statues with church style composition made by Stamenko Djurevic.
(color pictures by Rascian at skyscrapercity) PTT Museum, Palmotićeva 2 in Belgrade

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