November 21, 2009

Politika Building in Belgrade

Along the "Makendonska" street in Belgrade, are some interesting modern buildings.  About one of them (Radio Belgrade Building on the corner of Makedonska and Hilandarska) I already made a post.
Another one of this buildings is the Politika Building - the newspaper publishing house of one of the oldest newspapers in the Balkans - it's first issue was published in 1904. However all this took place in another older building. The actual building was built in 1968 after a project from the two architect who also projected the Avala-Tower (here my post about it)
(Picture above from igorclark)

Here the building by day. The address is  Makedonska 29.
In front of the building is a monument to Mosa Pijade (a Jew that saw himself as a Serb and founder of the state news agency Tanjug) the work of sculptor Branko Ruzic.

The H-shaped relief-like panels of the facade are well known and give a plastic movement to the frontage. Although the building is 20-floor high it looks less, as the first 4 floors are made as a differentiated socle taking so a part of the height.

As you see in this great pictures from Peter ( the two architects created a lot of interesting details. Also the bearing structure is sculpted and designed.

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