September 13, 2012

Modern Pirot Buildings

Highrises in Pirot
Pirot is a really interesting town regarding architecture. You can find well kept precious traditional buildings in a typical South-Eastern Serbian style (like I show in my last post). But there are plenty of good modern buildings as well, in fact the very center is a modern cluster of interesting 70'/80's- building.

TV Pirot Building on the main sqare: concrete structure and geometrical shapes
More peculiar buildings on the main sqare

A few years ago, Pirot underwent again remodelling of the city center. The main square was given a new look: green isles, some new planted trees, fountains, light and a lot of concrete should spruce up the city center.
a city square in a modern manner
Only after sundown people start to visit the square, in summer the hot stones and big concrete surfaces do not invite for a stay
The Square feels empty due to lack of shade and cozy corners. Also an atmosphere killer is the huge empty "Hotel Pirot" on the head of the square. The beautiful building is unfortunately closed and needs renovation works.
Beautiful but not in use: Hotel Pirot
Spooky exposure on the mains Square
The empty building is on a fantastic location: Full City Center!
Behind the empty building there is a extension of the main square......
....the extension looks like this: a "modern" pedestrian zone (from the 70's)
boardwalk behind the main square
the older modern buildings are being complemented with newer pieces
the residential buildings in the same style


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