November 18, 2013

Brno Archtecture

Interesting highrise facade in the suburbs of Brno
Brno is wellknown as the City of Bauhaus, Functionalism and Modern Architecture with the Villa Tugendhat and Hotel Avion as main pilgrim places for architects.
For the enthusiast of functionalist and modern building the following site provides 14 architecture trails to visit the most important works.

House Tugendhad by Mies van der Rohe
Villa Tugendhat from the entrance (visits only by appointment)

Hotel Avion
Hotel Avion how it looks today

Avion Hotel logo by Emanuel Hrbek
Miroslav Kostelecký, a restaurant owner, decided to modernize his restaurant in Česká Street in 1926 and had a new hotel designed by Bohuslav Fuchs built in place of a former ground-floor inn. The architect had to deal with the extremely narrow, originally medieval parcel (8 x 34 m). Fuchs use of a ferro-concrete skeleton resulted in remarkable spatial effects in the interior.

Besides those architecture classics there are some less known buildings that got my attention:

Hotel Intercontinental Brno
This Hotel, once a state run representative house is now operated by the Best Western company. Above the building in an old postcard. 
The dining area how it looks today (with witnesses from the past)
The facade today (source)

Brno–Tuřany Airport Departure Building
View of the Construction of the check-in airport terminal Brno-Tuřany built September 2005 – September 2006.
The departure lounge consists of a steel structure covered by specially developed Titanium-Zinc hexagon template which creates a compact roof and facade tiles at the same time.
The building was awarded with the title “Building of the Year 2007” by an expert panel. The lounge was also appreciated by the public, as it received the title “Prize of the Public – Building of the Year 2007”.

Length and height of the hall: 112m x 13.3 m

And here two buildings that I photographed around the city that grabbed my attention..and couldn't find out more about them.
renovated building in the old town center

Námesti Svobody (Brno's central square)
This is the second post of my little itinerary through Eastern Europe Prague-Brno-Ostrawa-Krakow-Zakopane-Presov-Beograd.
(The first stop was Prague featured in my post: Soviet Style Architecture in Prague


  1. how nice! did you enjoy visiting Poland?
    you should come and see Wroclaw. there are some really interesting modern buildings (especially my favourite brutalist skyscrapers).

    i've featured your blog on the list of recommendations on mine because of the similar subject.

    i really like your blog and i've learned a lot about serbian architecture from it.

    1. Thanks Mira! I'll put your blog in my blogroll and will enjoy on your cool pictures of brutalist buildings!