February 17, 2008

Hotel Moskva in Belgrade

One of the buildings that surely strikes your attention when you cross Terazije is the old Hotel Moskva with its ceramic tiles facades and the two green towers with that hold the "Hotel Moskva" sign. It was designed in 1906 by Jovan Ilkic and opened its door in 1908 with participation of King Petar I Karadjordjevic. Before in that place was a simple inn namend "Velika Srbija".

In that time Belgrade (and specially Terazije) was undergoing a lot of modern changes, and the Secessionist style (a new style that owed nothing to historical influence and followed the iconoclastic spirit of turn-of-the-century Vienna) of the Hotel Moskva was a big novelty. Originally build with 36 rooms, today it has 132 rooms (of those 40 duplex rooms and 6 suites)

The inside pastry shop is very pretty and serves a cake named after the Hotel: the moskva šnit.The Hotel Moskva was placed under governmental protection.

In front of Hotel Moskva is an excellent lookout point to the Sava river valley, Novi Beograd and further into the Syrmia region.

See Hotel Moskva by night on point 4) of this post.

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