February 19, 2008

NATO TARGET Air Force Headquarter in Zemun

This and the next post are dedicated to the big Serbian architect Dragisa Brasovan (May 25, 1887 - October 6, 1965). He was one of those who introduced Modern Architecture in the Balkan.

Two extraordinary edifices signed by this architect were the victims of NATO bombing!
During the bombing of Serbian towns, many examples of urban sacral and civil architecture from the 18th to 20th century period were severely damaged. These buildings represented significant architectural, urban and cultural monuments, built not only by Serbian citizens and institutions, but by all national entities (Albanians, Turks, Moslems, Jews etc).

The monumental Headquarters building in Zemun was built in 1935.

This unique building expresses Brasovan's poetical, romantic understanding of modern architecture and is a good example of expressionism (a modernist adoption of new materials to express forms and emotions) in Serbian architecture.

According to the architect, the building resembles a dual of "Roda" fighter jets with its two wings and indented middle section.

It's difficult to take pictures of the military buildings in Belgrade because it happens often that officers chase you away and cofiscate your pictures. Thanks to the persistence of Peter from Ostarchitektur I can show two beautiful pictures!

NATO Bombing: On April 5th 1999, the building was hit and severely damaged.
(Picture RTS-Radio Television of Serbia)

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