March 23, 2009


Tomorrow it's 10 years!

This War was the first War in Europe after 1945, despite the fact that nobody wanted War in Europe anymore. It was the first War that was officially supported by the United Nation and the first War that was supported by left wing and democratic usually against War governments. The pacifistic movement strangely didn’t complain against this War, probably because it was lead by their people, by the „good“ ones. It seems that there are some „good“ and some „bad“ Wars, so it looks that the pacifists are just against the bad ones. So it was a "good" War?

Nato agression against Yugoslavia was accompaigne
d by mediatic lies, strumentalisated with ideologies and simplified with futile explanations.
Western people have been heavily fooled b
y NATO and democratic government's propaganda that used an absurd word with absolute no sense: the Humanitarian War. The War "to prevent a Humanitarian Catastrophe" killed thousands of people, contaminated the territory with landmines and depleted radioactive uranium (still a humanitarian and ecological problem now!) and left a geoplitical instable situation with the best roots for future Wars. Some states condemned the strikes as a unilateral use of force and a blatant violation of the United Nations Charter, while others said the action would prevent a humanitarian catastrophe resulting from Serbian attacks on Kosovar Albanians. (in 1999 there were 81% ethnic Albanians and 11% Serbs in how realistic are these theories?!)

The representative of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia said NATO had been "unmasked", when it ceased to be a defensive military alliance and launched an act of the most brutal and unprovoked aggression. By bombing the cities of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, NATO had become the "air force and mercenary of the terrorist Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA)".
Yugoslavia had been attacked because it had used its sovereign right to fight terrorism and prevent the secession of a part of its territory which had always belonged to Serbia and Yugoslavia.

I prepared an extra information about NATO agression "Nato Trail - an unusual guide to Belgrade". You can download it here (pdf. 7MB) for free, and please send it to your friends!

This were the flyers that NATO threw from their airplanes over the cities:


  1. Here informations about events tomorrow in Belgrade:

  2. Good idea for a Nato-trail guide and nicely done.

  3. Thanks Victor.
    Feel free to put a link to the guide (from your site).
    The more people are aware of this pointless distruction ...the better!

  4. so io dove glielo metterei il target !
    ma arriveranno tutti.. pian pian .. come ha fatto la dal ponte

  5. We must never forget..

    A proud owner of a "target"
    in solidarity with the brothers up north


  6. Thanks Biljana!

    By the way, the picture up right with the boy is from Skopje!

  7. thank you Sajkaca for your post and all the information

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  9. AnonymousMay 29, 2013

    many serbs still point to the evils of NATO for the agressions, when the fact is, that NATO waited far too long to intervene and stop the bloodshed. For everyone but the serbs, this is fact. But many serbs keep living this martyrium. Why? Why not move on? What good comes from this? Please stop this nationalist bullshit. We do not want war again. Kind regards from Denmark.

    1. it's not a matter of just not moving on. In this case you have a husband crying about this to his non-serb wife to the point where she's perpetuating the Serbian propaganda.

    2. Not only Serbs think that it was pointless.....even NATO countries start to see the problems that Serbia was facing...but now it's Western Europe that is directly harmed from the Muslim maybe some people are now changing their opinion...


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