March 9, 2009

Serbian entry for Eurovision Song Contest

Yesterday I watched the final of "Beovizija" the Serbian music festival to qualify to the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest in Moscow. At first I was not very enthusiastic about the entries, but the winner song "Ципела" (Shoe) from Marko Kon and Milan Nikolic stands out from the rest.
At first glance it's a strange performance but the song is really cool, and after a while I even got used to the peculiar looking singer. I know, some might think he should go to get a haircut...but I think that's really OK for such an event to sport a special hairdo! Напред Марко!


  1. Is he the Serbian cousin of Caparezza? ;)
    The music reminds me a scene of Ocean Twelve (the Cassel's laser dance)

  2. Caparezza 's alter ego! Hahaha!

  3. You're jocking, right? We even got a FB group against him, it is a setup. No one likes him. this guys here were the favourites of all Serbia. They were in a Music Accademy of Endemol's show Operation Triumph. It is not about witch song is better, it is about a setup.
    Kisses from Sanja.

  4. Sorry but I don't like the song!! I don't think it represent Serbia how it should be or how the others in the last few years represented Serbia.
    We will see what the others will think but this song will not get my sms on the night.

    Mira :)

  5. @Sanja: Your favorite song is not bad, but for me it doesn't stands out, and to win the Contest it's a little bit to make something that the entire Europe stays with the mouth wide open and thinks : Svaka Cast!

    @Mira: After a winning song (like Molitva) or great pieces like "Lane moje" and "Oro", it's difficult to go with something similar and to top it. So it's a good tactic to show that Serbia is far more than just a good etno-balada.

    The Marko Kon song reminds me a little of the Bosna&Herzegovina entry from last year, and it scored high!!!
    What I've seen of other countries entries until now.... we can feel relaxed about it: Serbia has big chances!

  6. "It is not about witch song is better, it is about a setup."
    I don't have a favorite (all songs are bad) but Serbia does. The winner was selected by the jury (who are they?), not by "vox populi", all here.

  7. Oh God! Does operation triumph exist also in Serbia?
    "Realities" are approaching the Balkans, that's a bad news.. ;)

  8. At least those kids from OT had allready a music school formation, they are educated, with good manners, workaholic and totaly opposit to Big Brother. The young people who watched the OT could only learn from them. I'm very happy that there are still kids with a healthy life values. I didn't expect that!

  9. Sorry folks, I didn't wrote my nick back there before: Kisses from Sanja :)

  10. I agree with Sanja, at least for OT you need some school and you must really work hard (but I never watch it)
    "Veliki brat" is a catastrophe, now even a politician seats in the house...and Karleusa....boze,boze...
    Beppe, I don't understand this as well....
    I like to watch RTS series like "selo gori a baba se ceslja" and "moj rodjak sa sela" ...that's Serbia for me!!!!
    ....and ok, I sometimes watch "48sati svadba" and menjam zenu"... :-)

  11. ma che carino !!
    io voglio andare in centro per torino con quei 3 bodyguards !!!
    i serbi non finiranno mai di stupirmi !!

  12. I think this guy, Marko Kon, is too old and too much a pro for the Eurovision contest. It should be for young/fairly young people who are looking to break out or who are very quality and have been overlooked. Zeljko Joksimovic, in his early 30's when he won in 2004, was at the upper limits of how old someone should be. But he had good quality and good vocals.

    In this performance the music is pretty good, but the lyrics and vocals are below standards.

    Marko Kon looks to be approaching middle-age - too old and unattractive.

    Though it is probably good that Serbia gets a respite from hosting the contest as it was expensive for Serbia and the rate of returns of positive benefits would be diminished hosting it again so soon.

  13. Marko is much younger than you think! ;-)

    Here is the link where you can see all the entries for 2009:

    Let's be honest, the song has good potential, and because you really just have tree minutes to judge...chances are you don't forget Marko Kon!
    And the event will be hold in Moscow, I can immagine that Russians will love the song AND the guy who's singing it!

    we'll see in may!

  14. AnonymousMay 15, 2009

    It did not make the finals.

  15. AnonymousMay 15, 2009

    Napred nasi,kada vidim ostale zemlje najbolji smo.

  16. AnonymousMay 15, 2009

    Ne bunite se nego ih podrzavajte,sta lepse ima nego kada nasa harmonika zasvira(AUTENTICNO,STO BI EUROVIZIJA I TREBALA DA BUDE).Bolje je nego sve ostale kopije abbe i ceskih gipsija.Samo NAPRED NAJBOLJI SMO......

  17. AnonymousMay 28, 2009

    I'm sorry, but this song is... how do I say... REALLY WEIRD.
    Especially the first verse!

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