September 10, 2011

Renovating a Serbian Rural House 2

One year ago the external works were finished and we celebrated with all the involved people and a roasted pig.

The external works included the additional layer of bricks for a better insulation, a new roof (with new tiles) and the enlargement of the terrace.

The old mud walls were covered with a brick layer. The goal was to get a better insulation in sustainable way.

The edges were reinforced with concrete, the rest of the wall were covered with bricks. The opening for the windows were prepared to fit in new windows.
Also the new bearing structure of the roof was started.

The roof looks neat with the new tiles.
A larger stair and a broader and longer terrace add a quality porch in front of the building.
The roof was elongated to entirely cover the terrace, to protect from rain but also from the sun. In the picture below it's like the terrace looks now: with railing and a little gate it makes a perfect place to be (and my 10 month old daughter can't escape nowhere!)

Here a little overview of of the transformation of the house:

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  1. Wow, an incredible looking place. We had to do a similarly intense renovation on our place in rural Bedfordshire. We had to get some of the best Bedford electricians to rip out all of the wiring so we could start again.