November 13, 2010

A Family in Velika Sejanica gets help from Serbs for Serbs

After writing about the beauties of the Leskovac area and the surrounding villages, I'd like now to share a true story with you, that happened in the village of Velika Sejanica, the village just a couple of km from Kovaceva Bara.

Last time my husband was in Kovaceva Bara he visted his old friend Ranko Milic in the nearby village of Velika Sejanica. Ranko lives with his children Alexandar (20years), Jelena (18 years) and Nikola (10 years) in a very run down house. HIs wife left the family when the youngest son was born. They are (and it's not uncommon in that area) a very poor family and they lack of even the most important things for living. Jelena had to replace the mother and runs the entire household under very difficult circumstances.

My husband felt very sorry about their situation, and had the wish to do something about it.
So we turned to an organisation we support since longer time, it's called SRBI ZA SRBE (Serbs for Serbs) it's a non profit organisation where serbs from all over the world support Serbs and friends of Serbs in need.
My husband described the Milic Family situation and asked them if they could consider to help them.

Two weeks later my husband heard from the Milic family that some people of Srbi za Srbe have been there and discussed with them about the most urgent necessities.
A freezer and a stove would help the family a lot, and as this was decided, the people of Srbi za Srbe bought for around 400€ a new freezer and a new stove in the nearby city of Grdelica.
They made a couple of pictures and asked them to publish them on their website.
Ranko and his family were very greatful for this unexpected help.
My husband and I were very pleased to discover that this organisation works very seriously and that the money we're donating is indeed used for good purpose. One thing is to see proves of the good work on a website...another is to know people personally that got indeed help.
In this place I'd like to thank Srbi za Srbe for the good work and I'm happy to support them further on.