July 4, 2011

Interesting Buildings in Majdanpek

You would not suspect that Majdanpek (Мајданпек) is a secret architectural treat! It is a little town with 10'000 inhabitants in Eastern Serbia and is actually in one of the poorest regions of Serbia. But just economically speaking. The town was famous as a copper mine district, since the early 17th century. The origin of the name is based on the words majdan (fromTurkish madän, mine) and river Pek (mine on river Pek). Throughout its history, mining development was held by many foreign owners (Czechs, Belgians, Austrians), and was extensively exploited.

A postcard from 1975

The town was industrialized in the mid-20th century, by the industrial program supported by SFR Yugoslavia's Government of that time, and was under the personal influence of Tito; and this you can literally see on the urban layout and the main constructions.

the administration building

Through the late 20th century, the town was in a period of industrial progress and one of the most developed areas in copper mining and metallurgy of former Yugoslavia.

Older postcard (60's) from the same building

Being in the SFRJ industrial program produced a row of interesting buildings, in socialist mood and rather unexpected shapes and layouts.

Here some cool highrise buildings. Similar like the blocks in Novi Beograd, the goal was to produce a lot of apartments in a very short time to accommodate all the miners.

The fall of industrial production was a consequence of war and NATO sanctions during the 1990s. Now, Majdanpek is struggling to renew industrial production.

The former Hotel Kasina (now Golden Inn) but actually closed.

Stylish Interiors of the Golden Inn; Kasina Hotel, Majdanpek, 2001, C-print by Vesna Pavlovic (on flickr)

More stylish interiors (from the Hotel's website)

Another angle of the Hotel and the city center
the city park

The combination of apartment modern buildings and a old style church (the church was built in non-orthodox Style (a Swiss Style was imitated) to satisfy the foreign workers. For the same reason it was conceived as serbian-orthodox AND!  a catholic church.

The Youth Club Majdanpek: a UFO-like building

In the wild mountainous beauty of Eastern Serbia, Majdanpek with its clear layout stands out.

An overview of the carefully planned city center and below
An orientation plan for Majdanpek with all the interesting buildings
(pictures if not otherwise mentioned are from Skyscrapercity)

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