July 18, 2012

Communist Style Hotels

 Hotel Krajina (Mrkonjic Grad)

My last post was about Hotel Sirmium in Sremska Mitrovica, a good example of a state own Hotel from the communist past. Those modern buildings tried to be an eye-catcher or by their size or by experimental shapes and details.
The Balkans are full of similar interesting Hotel buildings,and I'll post here the 4 Hotels I would like to see next:

Hotel Krajina Mrkonjic Grad (Republika Srpska)

postcard of Mrkonjic Grad (picture source)

Warn torn facade (picture source)

This Hotel hast been badly damaged during the war. Now it has been renovated and has about 20 rooms.
 The fan-shaped Hotel in an old postcard (picture source)

Website of the Hotel: http://www.tcbalkana.com/?do=krajina

Hotel Prijedor in Prijedor (Republika Srpska)

 Hotel Prijedor near the Sava river (picture source
Address: Srpskih velikana 14, tel. +387 52 231 176

It is the biggest Hotel in the area and over 100 rooms. The big impressing building reminds me of the nearby WW II Mrakovica Memorial at Kozara artist Dušan Džamonja.

During the Second World War, numerous civilians and children, mostly Serbs, were murdered by the Croatian Ustashas and the German Wehrmacht. The memorial is dedicated to this region's Yugoslav partisans resistance victims during WWII.

Hotel Pirot in Pirot (Serbia)

Very good example of an eye-catcher facade with partly edged windows and a cool color scheme (picture source)

Hotel Pirot on the main city square (gradski trg) is not working anymore. I plan to visit Pirot this summer. In the picture below I already see some super interesting buildings on the square near Hotel Pirot....
(picture source)

Hotel Zlatibor in Uzice (Serbia)

 Hotel Zlatibor (picture source)

This Hotel is my favorite: the rocket style shape, the grooved concrete soccle with the stylish letters and the obique windows in the second floors make me crazy! It has around 150 rooms and diverse restaurants, stores and ammenities in the ground floor.

Another view of this masterpiece! (picture from the Hotel website: http://hotel-zlatibor.com

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July 5, 2012

Hotel Sirmium in Sremska Mitrovica

I have a crush on Communist-Style Hotel Architecture, and in the Balkan there are a lot of good examples of these state hotels (државни Хотел). Some still are run by the state and and just little investment has been done, so you can feel the atmosphere of the past time and enjoy on vintage design and architecture....

Last summer we made a family stop-over in Sremska Mitrovica and headed out for the local state-hotel "Hotel Sirmium" to stay for the night.

Hotel Sirmium is good example of a state hotel with the peculiarity that it has been built on the ruins of the „Imperial palace“ an archeological site of the famous ancient Roman city of Sirmium (today Sremska Mitrovica). That explains the random ancient pieces arranged around the reception.

The hotel has around 55 big rooms, the color concept is so old that it looks almost new again :-) The dark brown is used to pimp up the rooms....

 .....but it's also the main color concept for the bathrooms.

The roman theme is used in the restaurant: meandering pattern on the wall and some roman Art in soc-realist style...a funny combination.

A stroll in the city center shows another nice building from the communist past, a stylish commercial building! 

The rest of the city center is a picturesque mix of austro-hungarian baroque style and classic Vojvodina style.

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