May 30, 2008

Kafic Promaja in Belgrade

There is a lovely and stylish restaurant at Karadjordjeva 8 in the old town of Belgrade: The Club-restaurant "Promaja".

There is not much to write about it: It has it's own music-band "the promaja band" and serves Serbian food and drinks. I don't know who made the interiors but it's nicely made, good colors and great light.

What is worth mentioning is the meaning of the name: Promaja! This is the biggest terror for a Serbians. Promaja is a national obsession and the only thing that can seriously scare a Serbian!!!

Promaja -"draft" or "current of air" in english - is the result when you're negligent enough to leave open a window AS WELL as a door in a given room and to sit right in the center of it! (Before I started visiting Serbia, I didn't know about it and never suffered of it. Now I'm constantly looking for a draft-free zone!)

May 18, 2008

Karim Rashid goes Belgrade

Inspired by burekeaters cordial mention of my blog, I bring this post forward, about Egyptian/Canadian King of Cool Design: Karim Rashid in Serbia.

Karim Rashid not only made Belgrade Design Week popular, he's also about to make Belgrade and Serbia popular for Design-, Graphic- and Architecture-Lovers!

Karim Rashid who recently purchased an apartment in the centrally located King Alexander Boulevard district in Belgrade apparently said: "I love Serbia (Mr. Rashid has a Serbian girlfriend) and I have a fascination with Eastern Europe in general“ and "For me, Paris, London, Milan, Stockholm, Madrid, Barcelona and even New York are very tired and banal. They do not inspire me as cities. I see Eastern Europe as the next upcoming place - everyone is psyched and enthusiastic about the rebuilding of these poetic, romantic, artistic and very intellectual places“

Here a very nicely done document (pdf to download) about Karim Rashid from his website.

Restoran Majik in Belgrade

Designing the new hip Majik Cafe in the old town of Belgrade that is, in his words, “technorganic”. A facade of stainless steel tiles, gold vinyl ceiling, patterned glass bar, with rounded, polished edges and walls covered in huge digital prints. Screens broadcasting SMS text messages (from your mobile phone) make flirting less about talking and more about texting. The New York-based Canadian-Egyptian designer intended to play ever so abstractly with Eastern European iconic symbols, bringing them into the 21st century. “I wanted to connect Belgrade to the digital world.”

Here a few of other works that show he's commitment to Serbia:
A new sign for PHARMANOVA

He also redesigned the corporate identity for Serbian pharmaceutical company Pharmanova. Rashid says he keeps his consultation fees low to make the cooperation with Serbian firms possible.

Soft Egg, Galerija Pero, Srbija

In 2007 he exhibited some of his sketches and egg sculpure at Pero Gallery in Belgrade.
Here with ComTrade Group President
Veselin Jevrosimovic in 2005 discussing cooperation

May 13, 2008

Hotel Palas in Mojkovac

Something really fascinating for me are big state owned Hotels build during Communist time all over the Balkans.

Some are still running, but most of them are quite run down and seek for privatisation, but allmost all have this Charm of Communist-Style Backwardness!
This interesting Hotel is situated in Mojkovac, a quiet place in the Northern Monenegro mountains.

I just found out that it's for sale - for 5.3 Mio.€ it's yours!

It's a good example for the Style of Communist Hotels built in the mountains.

The colors and the ideas for the interiors remind me also of Hotel Omorika and Hotel Beli Bor in Tara. (I wrote about it here.)

May 7, 2008

Belgrade Buildings on SKINEART

While preparing my next posts....
A lot of my Belgrade sketches are exhibited on A good opportunity to show my recent travellog. And more will be uploaded soon.....