March 24, 2014

Belgrade - NATO Bombing Trail

From March 24, 1999 to June 10, 1999 NATO's military operation against the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia during the Kosovo War left marks in the Serbian capital.
It's easy to forget, that not so much time ago, the beautiful country of Serbia was bombed, but the idelible signs of destruction are still there like memorials!

Years ago I made a guide to visit the NATO-destruction-sites around Belgrade and to commemorate this sad chapter of European history, I share the link again!

a page from the NATO bombing trail guide
There is a description to every bombed building (like here USCE tower)  

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Bombed buildings:
Avala Tower
Museum of modern art
USCE tower
Hotel Jugoslavija
Ministry of defence
Air force head quarter

March 14, 2014

Architecture in Presov, Eastern Slovakia

The last stop on my little itinerary through Eastern Europe that started in Prague (Soviet Style Architecture in Prague), then went to Brno (Brno Architecture) , Ostrava (Socialist Realism in Ostrava), Krakow (Brutalist architecture and soc realism in Krakow) and Zakopane (Zakopane Style Architecture) was Presov, an interesting town in Eastern Slovakia.

The city is a showcase of Baroque, Rococo and Gothic architecture. In the historical center, the main street is lined with churches and other buildings built in various historical styles. 
Presov, eastern slovakia, old town
Historical buildings in Presov old town
In the suburbs, however, the Soviet influence is clearly evident through the massive concrete panel buildings (paneláky) of the housing estates (sídliska) most of all in the Sekčov district. 

A pretty good example of Soviet-style architecture in the center of Presov is the impressive government building with its monumental park.

The fountain has seen better times but the viewer can immagine what a spectacle it might have been.
The fountain offers interesting views from different angels

The park side facade is composed following the typical features of Socialist Classicism

The Street side facade with access control :-)
This fountain in the city center is another tribute to the socialist era
Presov, instead of removing any memorials to do with Russia, decided to keep theirs as the 40 years of communism was part of their history.
Bosakova Bank (picture source)
Near the historical center there is a stunning Art Nouveau building designed by Engineer V. Glasz around 1923. The name Bosakova Bank was a tribute to Michal Bosak (1869-1937) a Slovak expat that became an important banker in the U.S.

Renaissance House Sigismund Rákóczi (picture source)
The The Rákóczi palace is one of the rebuilt houses from the main street in Renaissance style. Today a musesum is lokated inside.

Presov is worth a trip, so here are some useful links:
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