March 13, 2011

5 great Panoramas of Belgrade

There are good places to see Belgrade from the bird's view. Let's be honest: seeing a city from the top of a building looks pretty similar in a lot of cities. The best is always to visit first the city and to enjoy its atmosphere and only after that climb up a high-rise building or tower to understand the city even better.

In Belgrade there a a lot of possibilities to have amazing panorama views. Here are 5 great ways to do that:

1. The view from Kalemegdan Fortress

For this view you don't even have to travel to Belgrade. Just open this link and you can enjoy 360-degree-view of Belgrade and surroundings!

The real view from the Kalemegdan Fortress has a lower angle but is likewise amazing. You see where the Sava River flows into the Danube and on clear days you see the Banat and Srem plains and the hills of the Sumadija region.
Information to Kalemegdan Fortress:

2. The view when landing/departing in/from Belgrade Airport "Nikola Tesla"

Even before arriving in Belgrade, the first panorama of the city is amazing: on one sight you can get a whole view of the blocks of Novi Beograd (New Belgrade).
(photo from st-stev)
An interesting aspect about New Belgrade is that it is a pre-planned city, and from the bird's view you understand some of the lay-out-plan of this 1947 started project.
(photo from 6opucc

My posts about New Belgrade:

3. The view from Avala Tower near Belgrade

From the newly renovated Avala Tower (it was destroyed in NATO Bombing of 1999) there is an amazing view over the Belgrade area and Sumadija region.

A made already a few posts about this tower, and it surely an amazing cool building.

The tower still has no website and information in english about the current tower is difficult to find, so I can't give links for visiting.
Opening hours: on working days 10.00 - 16.30, on weekend to 18.00, entrance is a symbolic amount of 50 dinars (or 30 for groups).

4. The view from Gardos Tower in Zemun

Zemun is a municipality of the city of Belgrade that lays on the Danube river and has an attractive old town with old cobblestone roads and old-style houses.
Gardoš is one of three hills on which the historical core of Zemun was built and rises on the right bank of the Danube river and is a natural lookout to the area across the river (Palilula municipality). 

Kula Sibinjanin Janka (Gardos Tower) is an opulent tower with a mix of various historic styles. Now again open to public, you can have a wonderful panorama view.
Here a link for a virtual view around the tower.
Here a good website about the tower

5. The view from the Beogradjanka Tower

The "Beogradjanka" or Belgrade Palace is a high-rise building from the 1970's on Kralja Milana (my post here)
Above the view from the top (photo from Kovac Mihajlo

Here the night view from 5th floor toward the St. Sava Cathedral.
(photo from mcveja

And here one more link for a 360°-view on Belgrade:

• View from a high-rise building in Zemun > link

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