August 27, 2008

Trsic - Ethno Village

The small etno village of Trsic, 9 kilometers south of Loznica, is the birthplace of Vuk Stefanovic Karadzic, the 19th century language reformer who is considered the father of the modern Serbian language.

A portion of the village has been turned into an ethnographic park, centered on a recreation of the Karadzic family home.

Many authentic 19th century items are in the home, including a portrait of ‘Vuk' from 1816 painted by Pavle Djurakovic. In later years an amphitheater was erected to stage the many cultural events that take place in Trsic, among which the best known is 'Vukov sabor' dating since 1933.

August 18, 2008

Hotel Avala in Budva

Hotel Avala in Budva was once built in best position on the Budva bay with a stunning pool directly over the sea, but after the wars and before Budva became a hype place, it was open though but there was no money and no valuable concept (and no tourists) on what to do with this big but outdated house!

The location was good even if it can gets loud at night, since it’s next to the most two polpular beaches of Budva: Mogren I and Mogren II and to some nightclubs in the old city.
A good idea was to seek for the wealthy in Serbia and Russia and to attract some celebrities with a clean modern architecture.
So people like Severina (Croatian starlet) and Jelena Jankovic (tennis player) spent some days there and did good job to promote the hotel.

Just back in 2005 it was a scary spooky place that had seen better times.

Now what a difference, it looks trendy and groomed and adds attractiveness to Budva’s landscape.

The Belgrade based architects of sinestezia are about to renovate the pavillons (row houses) behind the hotel complex.

August 10, 2008

Communist time hotels: Hotel Canj

This in one of the fascinating communist time hotels of former Yugoslavija. Situated in a little village on a particularly beautiful coastal place in Montenegro.

Allthough this hotel has a wonderful location and is architecturally stunning, it's extremely difficult to run it profitably. It needs works to be done, and because of its size it would need a big staff to represent a classy hotel.

And for all this Canj is probably too small...only when the nearby crowded places will be saturated Canj will maybe get a good oportunity to be discovered as a magnet of tourism. For now, only the fish restaurant is properly working.

Čanj lies between bar and Budva and is surrounded by the 496 m high mountain VELJI GRAD.

The sea is really beautiful and clear around this place.
Not many years ago the place was untouched and populated just by farmers.