December 4, 2007

Love for Tradition

After traveling back from Visegrad , Mokra Gora and Tara it's time to hang loose in the resort area of Zlatibor. It's wonderful peacfully here.
What strikes me, is how very serbian the place is.
I know Ski-Areas from Switzerland, who are of course very beautiful and romantic...but they adapted with time to become some international places to satisfy tourists from around the world. The stores sells brands and things from everywhere, the music in bars and clubs is international stuff you can hear in entire Western World....a big difference to a known place like Zlatibor, where tourists visit....but the atmosphere is strictly serbian: beginning by the Food, then the things you can buy and the music in coffeshops and bars: you can't miss you're in Serbia.
Even fancy people from Begrade who spend their weekend here, seem to enjoy listening to narodna music and etno songs and to buy domaci (local) products on the market or to eat some good serbian food.
Is that just because not many international tourists come to Zlatibor or is it because of the Serbs innate love for their own history and tradition, that the serbian culture here is so much present?
I read this intersting post of smart Mister Trifkovic, and I find the answer myself....

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