April 24, 2008

Belgrade Nikola Tesla International Airport

Named now after Nikola Tesla, Belgrade's airport is situated 12 km west of the city in the Municipality of Surčin, surrounded by Vojvodina's fertile lowlands.

Picture from Lina from new Terminal 2

National flag carrier Jat Airways (and also some VIP airlines Air Pink, Jat Airways AVIO taxi, Prince Aviation) uses Belgrade Nikola Tesla as their hub airport.

The Serbia City Planning Bureau experts, with the architect Nikola Dobrović at the helm, made the preliminary plans for the new airport.
The development and realisation of the idea was taken over from 1953 onwards by the Civil Aviation Department (later Federal Department for Civil Aviation) whose experts, with engineer Miloš Lukić as a team leader, finished the general airport plan for one runway, appropriate taxiways, and a terminal complex in 1957.

Building of the new airport started in April 1958 and lasted till April 28, 1962, when it was officially opened by President Josip Broz Tito.

In 2006 after several renovations and additions of the airport a countrywide petition was signed to have the name of the airport changed to Belgrade Nikola Tesla International Airport. and a monument was erected near Terminal.

2008 will again be a year of improving airport facilities according to the airport’s management thought many airlines have postponed planned new services to Belgrade, mainly due to visa restrictions and bureaucracy exerted on the Serbian citizens by the European Union.

If you're interested in the History of the Airport and in some more pictures, then: Download it here!

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