May 30, 2008

Kafic Promaja in Belgrade

There is a lovely and stylish restaurant at Karadjordjeva 8 in the old town of Belgrade: The Club-restaurant "Promaja".

There is not much to write about it: It has it's own music-band "the promaja band" and serves Serbian food and drinks. I don't know who made the interiors but it's nicely made, good colors and great light.

What is worth mentioning is the meaning of the name: Promaja! This is the biggest terror for a Serbians. Promaja is a national obsession and the only thing that can seriously scare a Serbian!!!

Promaja -"draft" or "current of air" in english - is the result when you're negligent enough to leave open a window AS WELL as a door in a given room and to sit right in the center of it! (Before I started visiting Serbia, I didn't know about it and never suffered of it. Now I'm constantly looking for a draft-free zone!)


  1. Nice restaurant ,nice food,but i didn't like the sort of people that hangs there! The last time I was there ,there was a gun shooting and it was an opening night or something...And that was my first time there!

  2. dear Anonymous, unfortunately a stylish interior doesn't garantee a good happens that I visit a place to make pictures but don't even stop for a drink if the people are terrible or the prices are offending high!