August 10, 2008

Communist time hotels: Hotel Canj

This in one of the fascinating communist time hotels of former Yugoslavija. Situated in a little village on a particularly beautiful coastal place in Montenegro.

Allthough this hotel has a wonderful location and is architecturally stunning, it's extremely difficult to run it profitably. It needs works to be done, and because of its size it would need a big staff to represent a classy hotel.

And for all this Canj is probably too small...only when the nearby crowded places will be saturated Canj will maybe get a good oportunity to be discovered as a magnet of tourism. For now, only the fish restaurant is properly working.

Čanj lies between bar and Budva and is surrounded by the 496 m high mountain VELJI GRAD.

The sea is really beautiful and clear around this place.
Not many years ago the place was untouched and populated just by farmers.


  1. Igalo's hotels: an east adriatic answer to Miami Beach.btw i'm joking of course ,i love these places!Photos about hall or restaurant maybe shows just a few kitsch but it's ok it's very cool!

  2. I agree: these hotels are the top of cool!