September 11, 2008

Modern architecture in Pristina

Most people know Pristina just in connection with war or some other problem loaded themes. For once I prefer not to write about that aspect.
But always when I saw pictures of this city I was fascinated about some peculiar modern buildings.
Pristina has some spectacular architecture - and the most amazing are the relicts from communist time!

The OSCE Headquarter looks Si-Fi like!

Shopping Center in Bregu i Diellit (an area of pristina called Sunny Hill)

The "Elektro Kosova" building, with a wonderful base in communist-time Style that looks like a transformer.

A simple but stilish building near the Skenderbeg statue

The National Library
This stunning building is the work of croatian architect Andrija Mutnjakovic and was build in 1982.
99 white glass cupolas of different sizes and an entirly covered facade in wire netting give this building a strange Space-age looks!

The library was once home to a huge depository of literature, much of wich was destroyed in the early 1990s.
The equally beguiling interior which has some fotos of old Pristina, still contains over 5'000 fime examples of old and rare books and manuscripts, dating back to 16th century.

The Palace of Youth and Sports (Rr. Luan Haradinaj)This building from 1977 is a landmark from communist time! In 1981 a shopping center and and a sport-complex were added.

Here the Rilindja-Building, one of the highest bulidngs in Pristina. Once home of a Newspaper is now cosidered a "Media House".
Next to the building a Visual of what it will look like after renovation! But so far there are still some ownership disputs going on...

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