November 2, 2008

VMA Building in Belgrade

The Vojnomedicinska akademija (Military Medical Academy) of Belgrade is a massive, modern building constructed in 1980 on top of the Banjica hill, thus visible from many lower parts of the city. It is the largest single hospital in Serbia (1500 bed, 1 medical faculty, 40 clinics and 22 operating theatres)

It is a part of the military of Serbia and is generally intended to serve the officers and soldiers (although it is open for civilians as well) and is known for its high standard in medical practice. Josip Osojnik (1923) and Slobodan Nikolic (1931) together drew up the plans for this amazing building in 1973. The structure is reinforced concrete with a 7.2 x 7.2 meter grid. The lower part is an enormous rectangular base of 4 storeys with the upper one in the shape of a cross that is 5 storeys high. From the basement to the top, including all in-between levels it adds up to 16 floors! The exterior facade finish is made of marble, aluminium and copper.

Unfortunately it's not allowed to take pictures inside, but the main hall is really amazing. With serbian documents (Licna Karta) you can enter the building (or foreign passport and friendliness or/and a good reason ...can do the trick...). Or take a glimpse on the website!

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