May 25, 2009

St. Mark's Church in Belgrade

One of the first churches I visited in Belgrade was the St. Mark's Church (Црква Светог Марка) and it's also the place where i bought my first brojanica.

The church is situated very central at Tasmajdan (
Bulevar kralja Aleksandra 17) and is a good example of a Serbian-Byzantine style architecture and one of the most important works of the architect brothers Petar and Branko Krstić.

Where an old church from 1835 used to be (
which was demolished during the bombing of 1941), the Krstic borther errected this church (1931-1940) that reminds a lot of Gracanica Monastery in Kosovo and Metohija (indeed it was Gracanica that served as inspiration, look for example at the composition and the colors of the facades!).
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In the south part of the church lays the sarcophagus with the remains of Czar Dusan. Its remains were brought here from St. Michael the Archangel Monastery near Prizren (Kosovo and Metohija).
One of the biggest chandeliers known to the Christian world is located in this church, and it is the work of sculptor Dragutin Aleksić.
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The Serbo-Byzantine style:
It's an architectural style from the beginning of 14th century (mostly used for sacral buildings) that melted byzantine elements with elements of the Raska School (a blend of eastern-byzantine style with western-roman influences developed in the 12th century by the Nemanjic dynasty).

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St. Mark's Church is considered a monumentalist building that became a symbol for Belgrade. It's often associated with Serbian-Nationalistic architectural style.

Petar and Branko Krstic realized a couple of interesting buildings more:
The yugoslavian Pavillon on the worldfair in Philadelphia (1924-25)
The Milicevic-House in belgrade (1929-30)
The Jelinic-House in Begrade (1930-31)
Agrarian Bank Building (1932-1934) in Nicola Pasic Square in Belgrade (see post here)


  1. Хвала Вам на овом прилогу! Већ годинама немам могућности да посјетим цркву Светог Марка, а некада сам то чинио веома често.

    Поздрав из Хилдесхајма код Хановера (Доња Саксонија)

  2. хвала и вама што пратите мој блог.
    искрено и ја нисам била већ дуго да посетим цркву светог марка, упркос томе што за мене има велико значење, пошто сам тамо добила своју прву бројаницу.
    велики поздрав из цириха (швајцарска)

  3. Fantasticne fotografije :) Ovog leta sam ponovo u Beogradu pa cu ici da posetim crkvu Svetog Marka.

    Hvala za inspiraciju :)