September 9, 2009

Modern architecture in Igalo (Montenegro)

After crossing some parts of Croatia visiting Gomirje monastery (here), Krupa monastery (here), Krka Monastery (here) and driving throught ghost-villages (here) stopped on the montenegrin coast, just after the croatian border in a thermal spa place called Igalo.
To be honest, Igalo is really nothing picturesque and lovely to look at, the reason for stopping here here was because my husband's relatives were spending their holidays here and so we enjoyed the time together in this place.

Nevertheless, I could spot some interesting buildings even in this rather trivial place! The first building to catch my atention was Hotel Centar in these pictures.

I really love this space-age inspired facades!!!

Here some pictures from the interiors: mirrors, gold, silver, glass, shiny surfaces...

...I hope this hotel will mantain this look as long as possible!!!

Walking to the beach, I always passed by these huge buildings. 14-storey skyscraper at the beach?! Yes, in Igalo! But if you look a them they are quiet lovely: with shell-shaped balconies and palm-tree garden around them.

The beachwalk is not really exiting, hovever you can find some strange, almost funny things:

Pseudo-mediteranean building in the center with full-collored lights inside (was tricky to photograph)

Entry of a backery shop inspired by saturday-night-fever.

Arrangement of a sea-food buffet!!

Ant a tleast, two more example of daring architecture in Igalo:

Above: the newly built indoor-pool of the Swimming Club Igalo

Below: DR Simo Milosevic - Institute for physical medicine and rehabilitation

This enormous building was expanded in the 1980's and for the project following architects were responsable: Goran Popin (arch.), Aleksandar Djordjevic (arch.), Nikola Grujic (civil eng.), Mihailo Jon (arch.), Zoran Radosevic (mech.), Dragan Simoric (electr.)
Years of Construction (2nd phase): 1982-1986

The construction of the second phase of the Institute implies three buildings - bays of the total area 64,000 m2, plus therapeutic, hotel and sports-recreational part.

The therapeutic part with the ground floor and three floors has adequate pools, 48 rooms for different therapies, clinics for medical specialists, therapy premises, central pharmacy, laboratories, and swimming pools with sea and mineral water.

The hotel part has 900 rooms and suites for the patients.
The building for social activities, sports and recreation has a restaurant with 3,000 seats, a seminar hall with 250 seats, a post office, a hairdressing shop, an indoor swimming pool, sports hall.

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