October 2, 2009

Prizren Impressions


For this post I put my favorite shots of Prizren that I havn't already published.
This are manly impressions and nice situations I captured strolling around the city.
Here one of the many mini-markets along the streets.


This fantastic stone wall is in front of the newly renovated house of the League of Prizren. The League of Prizren is mainly to blame if ethnic extremist attacks happened all the time in this city. Formated in 1878 it consisted of nationalistic Albanians with the goal to unite all the regions with Albanian majority and to form a Nation State.

Unintetionally the international community (UNMIK; KFOR, NATO) gave a big help to realize some of their goals!

Shadervan area in Prizren

Our friend's uncle runs this Fast-food restaurant in one of Prizren's main streets. In this kind of places the BBQ is incorporated in the windows, and you see how the fresh meat is roasting!

Shadervan area in Prizren

Nicley arranged vegetables and sure good roasted meat...but no pork is served around Prizren (94% Muslims is the explanation for that). What is also served in places like that that and is really delicious is the "jogurt" (a liquid version of jogurts like they are sold in western europe and with very mild jogurt-cultures.....


In the Podkaljaja district you find distroyed buildings, coloured walls and new building sites near each other.


Entering Prizren shows the ruling law quite clearly: Invented numberplates with -KS- in the middle (created from Kosovo-Albanian separatists years ago to start secession with Serbia) and blackened traffic signs to show that Serbian language is not wished to be heard/spoken/writen.


Also the new houses mirror the traditional style architecture. Four sided roofs covered with ceramic roof tiles and overlapping first floor with big wooden gridded windows looks like the old houses of Prizren.

The old houses in Prizren belong to the traditional balkan "bondruka" style (wooden skeleton construction filled with straw and earth covered with plaster).
This kind of hosuses are common throu all the region of south of Serbia and Macedonia.


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