March 10, 2010

Velika Remeta Monastery in Fruska Gora

 The monastery church is dedicated to St. Dimitri. Even if it's traditionally linked to king Dragutin (it's said, it's more probably founded at the end of the 15th, or in the first decades of the 16th century.)
1962 it was mentioned the first time under the name of Velika Remeta. Tursk destroyed part of the monastery in 1716.
The monastery church was built as a single-nave building with a dome and exonarthex, with a baroque bell-tower (with 38,6m the highest in the Fruska Gora region) added during renovation works between 1932-1735 by the brothers Andrija and Jakov Andrejević. 
Both, the exterior and interior were painted in 1567-68. Some fragments are preserved in the niches of the facade and in the altar.
The monks' quarters surrounding the church on four sides underwent renovation in the style with baroque bell-tower. 
The paintings on the iconostasis. which was dismantled during World War II have not been studied extensively. The iconostasis consisted of a set of icons varying in age, put together in 1850. The most important icons from the main tiere were done in 1687 by russian court drawers Leontije Stefanov, Joan Maksimov and Spiridon Grigorev.
After the damage caused to Velika Remeta in World War II (Ustashas occupied the monastery until spring of 1943 and brought all the treasuries to a museum in Zagreb).
The Monastery was renovated in 1982. 
(The pictures of this post are from Paolo Michelini's fantastic Fruska Gora album. )


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