March 24, 2014

Belgrade - NATO Bombing Trail

From March 24, 1999 to June 10, 1999 NATO's military operation against the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia during the Kosovo War left marks in the Serbian capital.
It's easy to forget, that not so much time ago, the beautiful country of Serbia was bombed, but the idelible signs of destruction are still there like memorials!

Years ago I made a guide to visit the NATO-destruction-sites around Belgrade and to commemorate this sad chapter of European history, I share the link again!

a page from the NATO bombing trail guide
There is a description to every bombed building (like here USCE tower)  

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Bombed buildings:
Avala Tower
Museum of modern art
USCE tower
Hotel Jugoslavija
Ministry of defence
Air force head quarter


  1. Worst part is that most Serbs didn't learn their lesson. they speak of this bombing as though it's just something that happened to them while they were busy minding their own business. Sometimes they'll cast aspersions at certain things that happened in the lead-up to the bombing and say stuff like not enough people were killed to really justify it and that Serbs weren't oppressing one of their minorities enough to justify it. Totally ignoring the fact that Serbia created and apartheid situation in their southern province that lasted TEN YEARS!

    Serbia deserved a spanking.

  2. Three years ago I took some photographs of Belgrade and many are from bombed buildings. You can have a look at them searching for Serbia on my photoblog. The link for the search is

    1. Thanks Maurizio! Awesome pictures on your iphone blog....

    2. i like a background nice to visit and great walk :)

  3. Here's a website by Francisco Gil-White who got fired from an American university for his political views. His articles are thorough and well researched, and he refutes many myths about the wars in former Yugoslavia.

  4. Thanks maallikkoapuri for sharing this!

  5. No problem, Francesca. A few years ago I read this from an article:

    "In the exclusive interview, Franjo Tuđman’s Internal Affairs Minister Josip Boljkovac admitted Croat leadership carried out planned attacks on Croatia Serbs in 1991, in order to start a war. “Tuđman wanted the war at any cost, following the concept according to which Serbs must disappear from Croatia,” Boljkovac said."

    The Western media has systematically demonized Serbia, and there's some similarities in the biased way they have portrayed the Serbia-Kosovo and Israel-Palestine conflicts. KLA is no more of an "liberation movement" than Hamas.