February 23, 2008

Banovina Building in Novi Sad

Also this post is dedicated to the big Serbian architect Dragisa Brasovan (see details here) and also this extraordinary building signed by this architect was the victims of NATO bombing! The Building of Executive Council of Vojvodina Province (Banovina), completed in 1939, probably the most famous work of Dragisa Brasovan, is listed in most world architectural encyclopedias and under the protection of UNESCO as an valuable art heritage. Brasovan had a romatic understanding of modern achitecture and didn't dogmatically followed the clean and sober lines of International Style (a major architectural style of the 1920s and 1930s that refered to buildings of the decades of Modernism).

The building is shaped like a huge Danube river barge. Originally (after the architect idea) planned to be build in red brick, one of the momentan rulers (eleven of them in twelve years) decided to have it in white marble.

It was bombed by NATO in the night of April 19, 1999.

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