February 14, 2008

Beogradjanka Building in Belgrade

The Beogradjanka-Building (corner Kralja Milana and Masarikova) was built 1969 - 1974 by Branko Pesic (who was also chief architect of Saint Sava Church) A trapezoid base of 4 storeys is occupied by "Beograd" department store and a Chrysler Showroom is located in the ground floor.

The 24 floors in the tower are mainly headoffices and media studios (Studio B, Kosava TV and still some offices of Blic). Until 1990 there was a panorama restaurant on the top floor, later it has been closed for security reasons. There are some plans to renovate the building and to re-open the restaurant. The copper-panel and glass facade looks brownish in day and whitish in night.

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