March 19, 2008

NATO TARGET : Avala Tower

The TV Tower on Avala Mountain, renowned for modern architectural and structural concepts, was completely destroyed during NATO’s April 29 th attack.


The tower was constructed between 1961 and 1965 designed by Uglješa Bogdanović and Slobodan Janjić, and civil engineer Milan Krstić. It was was 202.87m high and standing on three slim legs (buried 1.4m into the mountain rock) it was the only tower that had an equilateral triangle as its cross section. From the height of 102 metres to a 135 metres there was an all glass area to which visitors could come via two quick lifts. It was a matter of prestige to have a drink at the top of the Tower, to have dinner and watch the city glittering at night. On the top of the tower there was an antenna, which was at first used for black and white television transmission. In 1971 the antenna was replaced by a new one used for colour TV transmission. It quickly became the symbol of Belgrade and a popular lookout point.


Avala Tower was destroyed on April 29, 1999 by NATO bombardment supposedly to put Radio Television of Serbia off the air. Radio Television Serbia broadcasting did not suffer as it was relying on a network of local TV stations which were obliged to relay its program throughout the whole of Serbia. A special bomb was used to destroy the tower. The blast was one of the loudest explosions heard throughout Belgrade during the NATO bombardment.


In 2004, Radio Television Serbia commenced a series of fund-raising events in order to collect money to reconstruct the building (over 1 million euros was collected through fund-raising and donations supported by politicians and celebrities). On December 21, 2006 the construction of a new Avala Tower started. An agreement regarding its construction was signed by Dušan Basara, director of the construction sector of the Ratko Mitrović Company—which will be in charge of the construction of the tower—and general director of RTS, Aleksandar Tijanić. Completion of the new tower is expected in August 2008.

Avala tower was a "proudness" symbol and a famous touristic landmark, so there was a big wish and acceptance to rebuild this unique tower.

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