March 9, 2008

Novi Pazar

Here some pictures of Novi Pazar. Situated in the Raska Area, it's surely worth a visit and it's a good starting point to visit some of the oldest Serbian-Orthodox Monasteries in the area.

An interesting office-building
The minaret-dotted skyline in the center

These long residential buildings on Avnoja boulevard show that even communist time building look a little bit quirkier in Novi Pazar.

Novi Pazar has a complicated story,
dating back over 1000 years and shared
by today's local Muslims and Serbs alike.

Candies, Nuts and Coffee: The colorful stores
in the main street and the smell
of roasted coffee wafting through the streets

The end of socialism, the outbreak of regional war and the dissolution of Yugoslavia have also left the region one of the poorest areas in Serbia. Once known for its denim production, the city now lacks any major industry.

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