March 28, 2009

Impressions from Kosovska Mitrovica and Zvecan

Here just pictures from Kosovo on march 24th 2009. Serbians were remembering how they were attacked 10 years ago.
Walk through Kosovska Mitrovica

A little before the walk started toward Zvecana. Some of the flags!

da molitvama Preciste Matere Njegove,Prepodobnih i Bogonosnih Otaca nasih i svih Svetih,Gospod Isus Hristos,sin Boziji,upokoji duse svih slugu svojih ubijenih u nato bombardovanja.Amin.

Monument to the people from around Kosovska Mitrovica killed by NATO bombing and UCK terrorist attacks

Arrival in Zvecan

1 Minute of silence. A moment to pray.

Children from Kosovo and Metohija Elementary school wrote messages on colored papers.

Great thanks to my dear friend Johanna that gave me these pictures!


  1. when I see images like the ones above I'm not sure if I can wait until august to do the shooting... btw gotta rehab first.

  2. @Ms Larsen:
    I suggest that as soon that you hurry to Belgrade for Spasovdan (finally I found out, it's on May 28th)!

  3. I thought it was may 29th but as I was told, I'm usless in math ;)
    Hvala za informacije

  4. here the link:
    (Serbian Orthodox church in Switzerland)
    Ascension Day is a movable holiday - it always falls on Thursday, 40 days after Easter, and 10 days before Whit Sunday.
    And this year may 28th is a I guess we can trust the church calender...

    we'll make a wonderful post!!!

  5. yep I know about the 40 days before Easter...btw hope to get well soon and be able to walk and run as always
    pozdrav iz Ferrara

  6. Hi...
    I am greek man Nikolaos Z.
    When you brothers had the war, in my city (Volos Greece) made McDonalds to close, also CocaCola had 85% less sales and Marlboro the same. I went, as every man in Greece goes, to the army. I was in special forces of marines. One day was a mission of NATO that I should go.. When I came back I quit from army..
    What I want to say.. I went in year 2003 in Novi Sad and yes it was very SAD, to see in the central squear of NS the biggest stores of Nike and McDonalds there... and the bridges still bombed...

    I will come this year too, I hope to see something different.
    Sorry for my bad english...

  7. Thank you Nikolas, greek brother, for dropping by and for your intelligent comment. I agree with you, it's a grotesque thing, I was asking myself also, how far to go, with boykotting products from countries that bombed Serbia. Then again, there is the question, how much has a Nike-store (maybe run by Serbian manager) to do with a governement that decides to attack a country.
    You can also imagine, that also in Serbia, there are people who would never put a feet in a McDonalds, and others who would go to live in the USA and forget their own country. So different are the reactions from people.
    You have my respect that you quit the army the day you could not agree anymore with its purpose!

  8. @Jupiter: What makes you so sure that it's not YOU the one that has been brain-washed?