January 3, 2011

Svetogorska Ulica in Belgrade

This post is about a New Year tradition for Belgradians. In the afternoon of the first of January families go to Svetogorska Street (Светогорска Улица) because then it's called Улица отвореног срца (street of the open heart) where hearts and other things are sold in a sort of donation campaign for sorts of humanitarian actions.
I liked the stands with handmade ethno things, the music (Aleksa Jelic) and most of all: along the way from Svetogorska to Makedonska Street there are a lot of beautiful modern buildings to see.

My son loved this bird, the mascotte for the Serbian Football Team

In this street Classical buildings meets ....

Baroque Buildings

Radio Belgrade Building (see post here)

Beautiful Serbian handmade things are sold along the way

The Politika-Building (see post here)

I was very happy to see one of the new artists I like Aleksa Jelic.

Here a nice way to serve hot tea!

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  1. I had great time on New Year's Eve in Belgrade. The city is fantastic. It is so alive, so open minded. Even the accommodation was satisfying (found them online http://www.apartmannadan.rs/eng ). And mate, tell you something > that ain't tea they are serving ;)

  2. Better than Morocco...

  3. Draga, svrati do mene po nagradicu za tvoj super blog :)

  4. Loved the post! And I miss the street vendors in Belgrade! They have amazing stuff!

  5. Here is another important day for Serbs everywhere:

    St. Sava's Day (Savindan)