February 15, 2012

Air Force Headquarter in Zemun by Dragisa Brasovan

It's not the first time I write about this beautiful building by Dragisa Brasovan, but I'd like to share the pictures I made during a walk through Zemun. 
The building stands empty and unused near Avijaticarski Trg and even if it's really damaged (it was a target of NATO attacks in 1999) it still looks noble and attractive.

Dragisa Brasovan (Драгиша Бршован) finished this building, a large block structure of autonomous character, in 1935. The compositional strategy is to accentuate the strict symmetrical arrangement of the main facade with a prismatic vertical motif.

Some modernist architects criticized this building for its symbolism: the shape in fact is a dual of "Roda" fighter jets with its two wings.

 Air Force Signs and Memorials incorporated into modernist architecture

 Edged corners and a strict fenestration two other details of modernist architecture

 One of the damaged part that was a bit restored. 

A lot of details show Brasovan's good eye for modernist details.

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