April 9, 2012

Belgrade No Name Architecture

 Usually I write about more or less well-known buildings in Belgrade made by great architects which represents examples of certain buildings style. 
Going through my photo collection of the last few years  I found some interesting pictures of 2004/5 of Architecture around the cit, examples of details that I simply loved but I never found enough interesting information to share on separate posts. 
So I decided to unite them in a post to point what was my first impression of Belgrade: that Belgrade is really full of amazing nice stuff. (small note: back then there were no guides available and Belgrade was definitely not on the "recommended" list!) 

An interesting concrete detail on a rooftop near Trg Republike (Трг Републике)

 A school facade at Akademski Plato near Kneza Mihaila Street (Кнеза Михаила)
 The roof of the old part of the airport Nikola tesla (back then it was simply Belgrade-Surcin Airport): love the structure and the "celadon"-color-paint!

The slim high-rise building in Dorcol (the old part of Belgrade) in Dubrovacka Street (Дубровачка): mid-century concrete combined with see-through balconies.
 The building next to Vuk's Heritage Building (дом вукове задужбине) on Terazije (Теразије) shows off an interesting 70's style concrete facade, that looks interesting with the tacky commercials and boutique below!

 Another style of architecture: the old industrial style around the Belgrade hippodrome (Pastroviceva Street, on the South end of Senjak Area.

Block 29 in New Belgrade (Нови Београд) : Again an interesting concrete facade with rounded corners on windows. Love the color composition, a good example of how to freshen up concrete.

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