April 16, 2012

Jazak Monastery in Fruska Gora

Now that the travel season is about to start, I want to complete the post-series about the beautiful monasteries of the Fruska Gora (the only mount of the extended flat Vojvodina region in the National Park of Fruska Gora which is also a well known tourist destination). The links to the first 3 monasteries of the series (Velika Remeta, Novo Hapovo and Krusedol) are on the bottom of this post.

Among the 16 monasteries of the Fruska Gora area, there is one that is well-known as an architectural jewel: The Jazak Monastery (Манастир Јазак).

The post Byzantine churche with Moravian school influence, was rebuilt and transformed during the 18th century when baroque elements – bigger windows, baroque bell towers and dome caps – were added. The post Byzantine basic matrix remained.

Тhe monastery church is dedicated to the Holy Trinity. The monastery was founded in 1736, by a group of donors citizens of Novi Sad, Baja, Osijek, Sid and Sasinci. The construction of the church traditionally designed, lasted from 1736 to 1758. but, as early as 1741, it was ready to receive the brethren. А Baroque bell-tower was added onto the West side and completed in 1803. 

The monks' quarters and dormitories, surrounding the church on three sides, were built between 1736 and 1761 in Baroque style.

The icons on the baroque iconostasis were painted by Dimitrije Bacevic in 1769. 

The remains of St. Tsar Uros, the last ruler of mediaeval dynasty Nemanjić, were buried in Jazak, also as a part of religious and national cult.

The monastery underwent the general reconstruction between 1926 and 1930. During World War II the monks' quarters were damaged, while the church remained intact. The monastery has been partly reconstructed.

Today it's a woman's monastery.

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