July 3, 2008

Novi Beograd - Blokovi and Art

The "blokovi" acted also as inspiration for some artistic offsprings.

In the 70's it was kind of popular for artist to live in the blocks (like Blok 45 and Blok 70)
Now blok 45 stands e.g. for the artsy group around "anarxija 45" and some scenens of the movie "1 na 1" were shot in that blok.

From the 90's till now also the belgradian Hip-Hop scene gets its inspiration from the "blokovi" where it's kind of standard to choose the blocks as a location for videos.(see for exemple "Struka feat. Demian - 1001 plan")

Another rap artist got his name from the blocks and made is record label (carski rez) there: Blokovski. His entire image is built around New Belg
rade's Blocks!

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