July 14, 2008

Splav Restaurants in Begrade

The Splavs are a specialty of Belgrade and got famous also because of it's reputation for mafia-style location. Basically they are rafts that have been turned into clubs and restaurants and are anchored at the riverbank.
Most of them are open until the the morning and gives (particularly in summer) a good location to party all night long.

The mafia stories of the 90's and from films are more or less over, what stayed are interesting unusual places to celebrate from weddings to club-nights.
Here just for a good laugh the video of "mi nismo andjeli III" from Boris Milivojevic that makes fun of the Splavovi Image!
Inside Splav Godo

Usually the clubs conform to the highest esthetic standards and offer modern hi-tech equippement (video/movie/slide projectors, plasma TV, wireless Internet connection, Disco & DJ Party Lights). Many have boat access, beautiful terrasses and fantastic view overlooking the beautiful Sava river.

Earlier Splavs wee old rafts improvisated into restaurants.
Today it's not uncommon to hire a classy architect and to create new and attractive interiors.
A project for a Splav-Restaurant by Vladimir Lojanica

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