July 13, 2008

New Belgrade - Blok 70

The entrance of the buvljak of Blok 70

Blok 70 is well known for a couple of reasons:


Like for Blok 45, in the 70's it was popular among artists to live in this block and a documentary film was made by its construction firm to promote the pleasurable life in Block 70: Naselje sunca - Blok 70 (1974).


The flea market ("Buvljak" or "Otvoreni Tržni Centar") located in Novi Beograd (New Belgrade) has been reorganized a few years ago and now hosts stands selling everything from bicycles to house appliances and to clothing to footwear. The Blok 70 shopping mall is today dominated by small vendors from China.
This however is not so well seen by block residents, as they see chinese as dirty, crazy and uncultivated (Rapper Ajs Nigrutin made a song about it, here the text). The problem is probably that their cheap merchandise levels down prices for serbian goods.....


A lot of artsy graffity are displayed at walls and gates (for more see here)

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