November 20, 2007

To understand this blog

1. It's created in November 2007 after too much ugly things I had to read in Swiss Massmedia about Serbia. What's going on in Kosovo is one thing. I don't need to write about this, there are some people doing some wonderful jobs out here and it's explained also very good here. What makes me nervous is, how western media (especially here in Switzerland) write about it. Serbia is an amazing country with a rich culture that only a few know about but many like to hate it. I felt like collecting my travel logs from Serbia and to share it with you, the blog visitor that is ready to enter this wonderful but very complicated reality.

I tried to write the blog in English (even if it's not my language) to reach more people – even if the main readers are from Switzerland (Ticino and Deutschschweiz), Italy and Serbia. So it can happen that some posts or links are in those languages. Anyway: Comments are welcome in English, Italian, German and Serbian.

All the experiences and things I write about were collected in little books like this: 4. My Serbia experience started with several trips to Belgrade in the past few years. Personally I love that city very much, but it doesn't really represent Serbia and the serbian mentality. To understand Serbia you need to go to littlier cities and small villages, where the big part of the population lives. I write about all the peculiar things in architecture, landscape and design while travelling in Serbia and the Balkans that capture my curiosity.

5. The reason why I started researches in Serbia were for Architectural purpose. (More specifically for studying Begrade Blocks). The more I learnd about the county, the more I had to relativate my studies. So I decided to finish my work about blocks anyway to obtain access to register A of the architect board of Switzerland and then to change direction. The trip started and is evolving.

6. With some fantastic Italian friends I started also a blog for Balkan Nostalgic People:
We write all the best things about the Balkan Region in italian and english. A friendly place for the Balkan Dijaspora!

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