November 26, 2007

Kusturica made it!

Something really special to visit between Tara and Visegrad, located in the area of Mokra Gora (not far from highway E 760) is the Ethno-Village "Küstendorf" build by Serbian film director Emir Kusturica. He's wish was to build a village dedicated to the Art of Film-Making and to support handcraft tradition of Serbia and it is build entirely in wood.

The village was rewarded in 2005 by the prestigious Philippe Rotthier architecture prize for the reconstruction of the city.

I read they didn't used plans to build it, and if you walk around and observe the way it's made you can see how much attention to detail was put in. If Kusturica put so much energy in that,
it's not just to promote a tourist area and film-making. I think it's more the love to his country he's celebrating here. He's in the position to actually do it, because people listen to him or react at least to him.

By the way: In 2005 he got baptized Serbian orthodox, under the name Emir Nemanja Kusturica and the little wooden church in the center of the village was dedicated to St. Sava.

The village got a lot of publicity through media when it opened in 2005. There is a interesting website here and a lot of information about that village and about Kusturica in general on this site here called Kustupedija.

It's surely well known but not really easy to reach. It's about 4 hours from Belgrade (near the Zlatibor Ski Area) and the best it's to go there by car. But if someone decide to travel until here (the area of all these attractions: Mokra Gora, Sargan Eight, Küstendorf, Visegrad, Zlatibor, Tara National Park)... will be rewarded Zillion times....

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