November 20, 2007

The Drina River

When I travel I like to carry a book that represent the mood of the journey.
For this moment it's Peter Handke's „ Eine winterliche Reise zu den Flüssen Donau, Save, Morawa und Drina oder Gerechtigkeit für Serbien, 1996“
This is the book that brought Handke into trouble with „Western World“ , because in this book he portrayed Serbia among the victims of the Balkan War and attacked Western media for misrepresenting the facts of the war . And the controversity still rages!
It's really not a joke: it's not accepted to speak for Serbia here in Western Europe...we prefer to read lies of journalists who believe some other lies....
Handke's book is a sensitive travel log without speculations and interpretations of things: he looks, listen and feels....and writes about it. While travelling I see this:

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