November 18, 2007

From the Travel Diary

What happens if you spend a couples of weeks int the Mountain Area of Western Serbia? You simply fall in love with the stunning beauty of the landscape and the friendliness of the local people. And then there is pure air and a peacely lifestyle. It makes you almost forget the doubts of your surroundings in Western Europe, when you told to people that your leaving for Serbia. But only almost. What do you do before you visit Serbia? You read tons of books and websites, you check the situation and you try to find out as much as possible to be well prepared. Because you're not a kamikaze and you don't wanna jeopardize your life.
Why are you scared?
Because you maybe live in a country (let's say Switzerland) an in a city (let's say Zürich) where media and daily life impose you a very bad image of the country you're about to visit. And because maybe a lady (?!) of your home canton (let's say Ticino) is accusing some people of that country (let's call them Radovan, Ratko, Vojislav and Slobodan) of genocide and crimes against humanity. But you read serious history books (who starts before 1900) and you stop to read and hear the news. And then you take off.. and you arrive Tara National Park and you start a fascinating journey in an unknown country.....

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